Our job is to make awesome mobile apps

dubaiappstudio mobile app

There is a good reason why our name is dubaiappstudio.com.

Since the beginning we support our customers in their web and mobile development projects.
And we develop awesome iOS and Android mobile application for startups, individuals or bigger companies.

Our goal is to develop a mobile application that is scalable and fits with all your expectations. Regardless the mobile app project:

  • entertainment app
  • social app
  • business app
  • gaming app
  • corporate app

DA Studio is here to help!

How to publish your mobile app? What are the steps to get my app live for everyone?
Here the necessary checklist and steps we have in order to put into production and to exploit your mobile app:
  • User experience creation – UX Wireframes
  • User Interface creation – UI design and graphics guidelines
  • The development itself or “coding” part
  • User test on a set of devices (android phones, iPhones and also tablets)
  • Distribution channels setup by contracting with Apple / Google : stores hosting, account creation, management of digital certificates and rights associated with the developer account
  • Store management: wording and images setup, selection of distribution countries, upload and submission of the apps.
The completion of these first steps will allow you to celebrate the release of your app on stores around the world!
Then you will have to prepare for daily operations:
  • Maintenance and system evolutions
    The ecosystem of Apple or Google moves quickly, a new version of OS with many new features will comes out every year
  • Marketing tools implementation
    Push notification, analytics tracking, and ad network integration
  • Quality monitoring and reviews
    Listen to your user’s feedback, this is the only way to provide a quality app!
  • Features evolutions (and sometimes … bug fix)!

Even if it is possible thanks to an appropriate methodology to obtain delivered applications without any major bug, it is wise to allow some time for bug fix and evolutions.

Do not hesitate if you need help with the following:
  • UX or UI Support
  • Project Management
  • Native iOS Development using Objective C or Swift Development
  • Native Android Development using Java or Kotlin
  • Hybrid Mobile Development using React native, Ionic or Flutter
  • Admin Back Office using PHP or NodeJS
  • Audit or Code Refactoring
  • Maintenance

Contact DA Studio: 058 297 69 82